10/07/20: MASS AT ST MARYS

We are taking many precautions to make it safe for you to come to Mass:
1) Social distancing will be in place. A 2-metre distance between members of the congregation who are from separate households will be maintained throughout Mass and at entry and exit points.
2) Numbers able to attend Mass will be limited. There are 7 benches downstairs and 4 benches upstairs that will be used. Up to 3 members of one household can be seated on each bench.
3) Pre-booking for places at Mass will be required.
4) Coronavirus screening questions will be asked at booking and on entry. Anyone with Coronavirus symptoms and members of their household will not be allowed to enter the Church building.
5) Members of the congregation are required to wear a face covering. Please bring your own face covering.
6) Hand sanitiser will be provided at entry, before Communion and on exit.
7) Trained volunteer ushers will guide the movement of people into, around and out of the Church. There is a one-way system in place.
8) There will be cleaning after each Mass.
9) We are monitoring the number of Coronavirus cases in Norfolk and Suffolk. If there is a notable rise in cases or if Government advice changes, we will not be open for Mass.
We understand that these steps are not ideal, however we must all pull together during these difficult times. By working together and following these steps, we may protect each other and all the members of our parish.

Due to current restrictions, the structure of Mass is different to what we are used to. These changes have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety at Mass. There will be:

  • no singing
  • no exchange of the sign of peace
  • no offertory procession
  • no collection during Mass
  • a collection pot available on exit from Church
  • Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass, after the final blessing. The congregation will come forward to receive
  • Communion one bench at a time, starting at the front.
  • Communion will be distributed under one kind, in the hand, with arms fully extended. After the host is placed into the hand, communicants should pick up the host, then with their other hand lower or raise their face covering, place the host in their mouth and then replace their face covering.
  • The congregation will exit through the wax sacristy door immediately after receiving Communion. Those who do not wish to receive Communion may simply come forwards, genuflect and then exit.
  • You are encouraged to pause for a moment outside to give thanks before returning home. The statue of Our Lady, on the Church wall, provides a nice focal point for reflection outside.

We thank you all for your patience, perseverance and prayer.

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