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Welcome to St Mary’s, Thetford.

In line with current Covid19 government instructions, the church is CLOSED for public worship.

Private prayer and Rosary Group are also suspended at this time.


Recent pronouncements by the Government indicate that the national lockdown in England will end ON WEDNESDAY 2ND DECEMBER. However, it is also clear that certain restrictions will remain, which will affect the normal functioning of the church. Therefore, taking these into account, there will be no public celebration of Masses on this Sunday – 1st Sunday of  Advent – and the two days that follow. However, is expected that Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday 2nd December, Saturday 5th December (the Vigil Mass at 5.30 pm) and Sunday 6th December – 2nd Sunday of Advent  – at 10 am. This scheduling of Mass – Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – will continue up to the week of Christmastide,  where a schedule specific for the season will be used (details to be posted in subsequent editions of the newsletter). ONCE THE PUBLIC CELEBRATION OF MASS RESTARTS AT ST MARY’S AGAIN, THE PRE-LOCKDOWN PROTOCOLS OF LIMITING THE SEATING  AVAILABLE (WHICH WILL NECESSITATE BOOKING BY PHONING ROGER HALL ON 01842 761878 BY 6 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE) AND  CLEANING WILL BE REINSTATED. ROTAS FOR THOSE INVOLVED IN FACILITATING THE CELEBRATION OF MASS – USHERS, CLEANERS – WILL  BE CIRCULATED TO THOSE INVOLVED IN DUE COURSE.

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Regular giving and helping others If you are able to continue to donate to the church then regular giving is the best way of doing this. (Please don’t worry if you suddenly find that you have to reduce or change donations in the future.) Many people are vulnerable or in need of help, if you…


10/07/20: MASS AT ST MARYSWe are taking many precautions to make it safe for you to come to Mass:1) Social distancing will be in place. A 2-metre distance between members of the congregation who are from separate households will be maintained throughout Mass and at entry and exit points.2) Numbers able to attend Mass will…

Live Stream Options

Below, you will find two wonderful services which will help you to watch services live (or previously recorded) from our own region. There are other sources available (such as Liverpool Cathedral), but in order to keep the website as simple and clear as possible we have included links to the Catherdral of St John the…

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